Demonstrating Impact – Four Case Studies of Public Art Museums

Successful art museums have been known to revive cities. Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum Hobart’s MONA and the Bendigo Art Gallery are obvious examples. In this fiercely competitive world with ever decreasing funding for the arts, public art museums are required to demonstrate how they make a difference. This is often described in terms of economic and social impact.

Melbourne Business School, Deakin University and Arts Victoria have collaborated with two regional and two inner-city galleries to document their journeys and explore the impact they have made in their local communities.

As case studies of entrepreneurship, innovation and ambition, Bendigo Art Gallery, Shepparton Art Museum, Linden Centre for Contemporary Art and Arts Project Australia offer important examples of how galleries can foster civic pride, social cohesion, regional development, and economic growth. The report also makes recommendations for the wider museum sector on how they can “do better at doing good.”